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BIGBANG in Bali: K-pop star misses fans

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If you’re rich and famous and travelling in Asia, then this is true: Bali, Indonesia is on your itinerary.


Because this idyllic island has something for everyone − tropical beaches beloved by surfers and sandy babies, scenic highlands for the eco-traveller, a unique vibrant culture to experience, modern shopping malls, Asia’s #1 water park and the list goes on. After dark, a diverse nightlife scene lights up the southern coastlines and beckons the young (and young at heart).

seungri in bali

There’s quite a lot to miss out on around here, and more or less year-round equatorial weather makes the appeal ever-present. Given the chance, who wouldn’t make time for a holiday at a luxury villa in Bali?

After a stint in the Philippines, where Korean pop megastars Big Bang scheduled several performances for June 2018, the group’s 27 year-old singer/dancer sensation Seungri made a very expected yet secret next move. He went to Bali.

This picture of Seungri horseback riding on the beach comes straight from his Instagram account.

Where did world-famous K-pop star Seungri stay in Bali? Much to our delight, he stayed with us.

Sohamsa Estate - Ungasan Villas Bali

Sohamsa Ocean Estate

Two magnificent cliff-top villas on the southernmost tip of Bali’s Bukit peninsula, 5-bedroom Villa Soham and 4-bedroom Villa Hamsa offer spectacular ocean views, stunning living space, large swimming pools, shared gyms and massage rooms, and a sauna and steam room. The fully-staffed villas are perfect for family and friends seeking a luxury villa experience off the beaten track yet within easy reach of the airport, top beaches and restaurants. When rented together, the villas can accommodate up to 22 guests. 

bali clifftop villa

For celebrity-worthy accommodation in Bali, look no further than Elite Havens luxury villa rentals. Delivering true luxury, stunning sea views, privacy, security and lofty service standards, we have a selection of fully-staffed villas which surpass fulfillment of even the steepest requirements. Our prized portfolio of beachfront, centre-of-town and cliff-top villas even boasts Bali villas with space sufficient to land a helicopter.

The opulence of villas today knows no end and, as the owner reps for the best villas in the rental market, we’re usually unbelievably exceptional hosts. Usually because, well, KOCOWA TV made a video of Seungri at Sohamsa Ocean Estate and you can see what happened here: 


Now do we laugh or cry? That couldn’t have been much worse. We would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to Seungri on behalf of the villa staff who failed to appropriately recognize his celebrity. In fact there are many Big Bang fans among the Elite Havens team worldwide and we can confidently report there are countless restaurants and clubs playing Big Bang music all over Bali and Indonesia. 

Villa Soham - Ungasan Villa Bali

If you’d like a Korean newspaper or anything else in particular whilst staying at our villas, please just ask! We’ll do our best to deliver on your requests.

Not at all to take away from our sincere apology, two things can be said in defense of the villa attendant at Sohamsa Ocean Estate who unfortunately didn’t recognize Seungri:

1) At Elite Havens’ villas, all guests receive personalised, VIP, zillion-star treatment. Our guests’ privacy and security are highly respected and taken seriously. 

2) Seungri does look a bit different whilst in holiday mode, shown in the video with morning eyes and a bathrobe rather than his usual style, you know, rock-star threads, man jewellery, dewy skin and perfectly-gelled hair.

Now just in case any of our readers also aren’t familiar with the biggest boy band in the universe right now, please allow us to introduce, all the way from Korea:

BIGBANG! *crowd goes wild*

Big Bang KPop Group

Left to right: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung

Song: “Fantastic Baby” (2012)

9 bedroom Bali wedding villa


Deja Kirkwood is a dreamer from San Francisco, an aspiring jet setter and a digital marketing pro for Elite Havens in Bali.

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